THE DT'S - fuck it. 10"


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Instead of bitching and moaning about the current Life Cycle of the Album (or the lack thereof,) The Dt’s have been busy coining their own approach. 

“Fuck it. Let’ s just do another 7-inch.” 

Bellingham, Washington’s Hard Soul Heroes haven’t put out a studio LP since the blistering Filthy Habits-- a decade ago this year. But that doesn’t mean they’re just sitting around at home drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity. No indeed; the band long ago enlisted the rhythm section of punishing drummer Mikey Funster and the smartass bassist known as Zed to replace “Philthy” Phil Carter and the late great Scott Greene (still not a dick.) In the front seat, you’ll find longtime codependents Dave Crider, guitar and lead beverage-taster, and the ever-destructive Diana Young- Blanchard. This lineup has violated South America, Spain, the U.K. and the Pacific-facing United States, along with some extra stops here and there, SXSW, Porao Do Rock, and West Seattle Summerfest-- to name only a few. In the last few years, they’ve released a handful of singles, told some more long stories and several really stupid jokes.

Last summer saw the band chortling its way back to Soundhouse Studios to prepare its next Hard Soul injection. Jack Endino behind the board, and former Dt keysqueen Patti Bell even rejoined - just to help bend you over…

This year will be a loud one for The Dt’s. One of the loudest, in fact.

Strong advocates of the swift kick in the crotch technique, a 10” E.P., aptly titled “Fuck It!,” will follow, through Oakland’s mighty Valley King Records. The 10” features three new originals and the obligatory Grand Funk cover, “Mr. Limousine Driver.” Jack Endino competes with Crider for your hearing loss with some six- string contributions on “Styx and Stones.”

Virgins to the Dt assault are encouraged to check out their older material as well, just for good measure-- Filthy Habits and it’s predecessor, Hard Fixed, are quite frankly some of the best Northwest rock records of the last decade and a half. 

Rocky Champagne / Meat Cutters Monthly / 2017

3 versions available!
Black vinyl: edition of 300
Pink smoke vinyl: edition of 50
Green vinyl: edition of 50; comes with iron on heat transfer 
All three versions have silkscreened packaging with artwork by Alan Forbes and a vinyl sticker based on the cover art!


The Dt's:
Diana Young-Blanchard: vocals 
Dave Crider: guitar
Mike VanBuskirk: drums
Matthew Zielfelder: bass
Patti Bell: keys
*Jack Endino: 2nd guitar on Styx & Stones

Format: 10"
A1: Too Late For Medicine / A2: Mr. Limousine Driver
B1: 17 Days / B2: Styx & Stones
Edition: 300 on black vinyl; 50 on green colored vinyl; 50 pink smoke colored vinyl
Artwork: Alan Forbes
Other info: includes vinyl sticker based on the cover art

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