Melvins // Boris // Mr. Phylzzz Tour Series - UPDATED 9/20/23

The Melvins // Boris // Mr. Phylzzz tour has started! We will be posting updates as to where you can purchase the silkscreened posters in case your aren’t able to make the shows. 

To start, we have:
Los Angeles, CA by John Howard - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Fresno, CA by Henry Contreras - coming soon to Secret Serpents
*San Francisco, CA [night 1] by Arik Roper - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
*San Francisco, CA [night 2] by Arik Roper - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
*Petaluma, CA by Justin McNeal - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
Seattle, WA by Daryll Peirce - (2 versions) - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Melvins 40th Anniversary poster by Junko Mizuno - (3 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
Minneapolis, MN by Tom Hazelmyer - [artist]
Milwaukee, WI by Francisco Ramirez - [artist]
Chicago, IL by Dead Flag Studios - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Grand Rapids, MI by Craig Horky - [artist]
Cleveland, OH by Pete Cardoso - [artist]
Albany, NY by Jesse Schaller - [artist]
Boston, MA by Dan McCarthy - [artist]

*We have a very limited amount of both San Francisco and Petaluma posters signed by the Melvins!

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