Ufomammut - Europe 2023 tour series

Ufomammut finished up their European tour recently. If you weren’t able to make one of the shows and are interested in the posters, here’s where you can track them down:

Tour poster by Malleus - [artist]
Wien, AT by Dr Knoche - [artist]
Warsaw, PL by Big Baboli Print House - [artist]
Prague, CZ by Jj Farfante - [artist]
Berlin, DE by Mad Kime - [artist]
Hamburg, DE by Marcel Haas - [artist]
Koln, DE by Dead Flag Studios - [artist]
Eindhoven, NL by Greg Wynne - TBA
Paris, FR by Arrache-toi un oeil! - [artist]
Langenthal, CH by Wonky Studio - [artist]

Previous UFOMAMMUT tour posters available through Secret Serpents can be found HERE!

Mudhoney Tour Series

Mudhoney recently started a US Tour with Hooveriii. If you weren't able to make the show, or the posters sold out before you were able to get one, check the links below for poster availability. This blog post will be updated as the tour moves on and more posters are made available.

Milwaukee, WI by Francisco Ramirez - [artist]
Chicago, IL by JJ Farfante - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Grand Rapids, MI by Craig Horky - [artist]
Cleveland, OH by Mike Pender - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Boston, MA by Fred Struckholz - TBA
New York, NY by Daryll Peirce - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Philadelphia, PA by Richie Goodtimes - TBA
Asheville, NC by Joshua Marc Levy - [artist]
Atlanta, GA by Jesse Schaller - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Nashville, TN by Reid Chancellor - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Dallas, TX by Dr Knoche - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Austin, TX by Bobby Dixon - [artist]
Albuquerque, NM by Delano Garcia - [artist]
Tucson, AZ by Richie Goodtimes - TBA
San Diego, CA by Dead Flag Studios - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Los Angeles, CA by Danny Graham - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
San Francisco, CA by Alan Forbes - [Secret Serpents]
Portland, OR by Dozergirl - [Secret Serpents]
Seattle, WA by Wonky Studio - [artist] [Secret Serpents]

Melvins // Boris // Mr. Phylzzz Tour Series - FINAL UPDATE

The Melvins // Boris // Mr. Phylzzz tour has started! We will be posting updates as to where you can purchase the silkscreened posters in case your aren’t able to make the shows. 

To start, we have:
Los Angeles, CA by John Howard - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Fresno, CA by Henry ContrerasTBA
*San Francisco, CA [night 1] by Arik Roper - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
*San Francisco, CA [night 2] by Arik Roper - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
*Petaluma, CA by Justin McNeal - (2 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
Seattle, WA by Daryll Peirce - (2 versions) - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Melvins 40th Anniversary poster by Junko Mizuno - (3 versions) - [Secret Serpents]
Minneapolis, MN by Tom Hazelmyer - [artist]
Milwaukee, WI by Francisco Ramirez - [artist]
Chicago, IL by Dead Flag Studios - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Grand Rapids, MI by Craig Horky - [artist]
Cleveland, OH by Pete Cardoso - [artist]
Albany, NY by Jesse Schaller - [artist]
Boston, MA by Dan McCarthy - [artist]
Bethlehem, PA by Charles Moran - [artist]
Philadelphia, PA by Richie Goodtimes - TBA
Nashville, TN by Jim Madison - SOLD OUT!
Atlanta, GA by Mike King - [artist]
Tempe, AZ by Dr Knoche - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Austin, TX by JJ Farfante - [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Dallas, TX by Jeff LaChance / Richie Goodtimes - TBA
Denver, CO by Reid Chancellor - [Secret Serpents]
Albuquerque, NM by Delano Garcia - [artist]
San Diego, CA by Marty Boe - [artist]

*We have a very limited amount of both San Francisco and Petaluma posters signed by the Melvins!

2023 MELVINS European poster series

If you weren’t able to make one of the recent Melvins European tour dates, but are interested in one of the posters, below are the links where you can order them directly from the artists!

Melvins 40th Anniversary by Junko Mizuno [Secret Serpents]
(pictured above)

Amsterdam, NL by Dead Flag Studios [artist] [Secret Serpents]
Antwerp, BE by Arno Van Putte [artist
Berlin, DE by Brookesia [artist
Bologna, IT by Malleus [artist
Brighton, UK by Shaun Sepr [artist
Bristol, UK by Shaun Sepr [artist
Geneva, CH by Arrache-toi un oeil [artist
London, UK by Gavin Beattie [artist
Nijmegen, NL by Greg Wynne [coming soon] 
Paris, FR by Jessica Rassi  [artist
Strasbourg, FR by Wonky Studios [artist
Tel Aviv, IL by Dekel Hevroni [artist
Vienna, AT by Michael Hacker [artist
Zagreb, HR by Marcel Hass [artist
Zurich, CH by Dr Knoche [artist

Ufomammut - September / October 2022 Poster Series

We recently set up a handful of posters for the recent Ufomammut European tour. Click the links below for purchase them directly from the artists!

Tourcoing, France by Mizu [Artist site]
Hamburg, Germany by Gemma Monostereo [Artist site]
Malmö, Sweden by Dead Flag Studios [Artist site]
Gothenburg, Sweden by Jessica Rassi [Artist site]
Linz, Austria by Dr Knoche [Artist site]

Check out previous Ufomammut posters that are available from Secret Serpents in the United States and through Malleus Rock Art Lab in Italy.

Melvins September / October 2022 poster series

If you weren’t able to make the recent Melvins US tour, you can purchase the show posters at the links below!
San Francisco, CA by Justin McNeal [Secret Serpents]
Petaluma, CA by Justin McNeal [Secret Serpents]
San Francisco / Petaluma by Justin McNeal - uncut set [Secret Serpents]
San Jose, CA by Daryll Peirce [Artist]
Las Vegas, NV by Dozergirl [Secret Serpents] [Artist]
Louisville, KY by Justin Kamerer [Artist]
Indianapolis, IN by Reid Chancellor [Secret Serpents] [Artist]
Columbus, OH by Dan Lerner [Artist]
Lancaster, PA by Richie Goodtimes [Artist]
New York, NY by Justin Walsh [not available]
Asbury Park, NJ by Steve Tenebrini [Artist]
Washington, DC by Charles Moran [Artist]
Orlando, FL by Dead Flag Studios [Secret Serpents] [Artist]
Ft. Lauderdale, FL by Hot Damn Arts [Artist]
Tampa, FL by Mike Pender [Secret Serpents[Artist]
Denton, TX by Wonky Studio [Artist]
El Paso, TX by Mobsolete [Artist]

2022 Mudhoney US Tour Posters

We recently set up the official poster series for the Mudhoney US tour, including the dates with Meat Puppets! If you weren't able to make one of the shows but still want a poster, check the links below for poster availability!
Seattle (night 1) by Daryll Peirce [ARTIST] [SECRET SERPENTS]
Seattle (night 2) by Daryll Peirce [ARTIST] [SECRET SERPENTS]
Chicago by Francisco Ramirez [ARTIST]
^ Houston by Pete Cardoso [ARTIST]
*^ Dallas by Rhys Cooper (includes variant) [SECRET SERPENTS]
^ Austin by Billy Perkins [ARTIST]
^ Santa Fe by Francisco Ramirez [ARTIST]
*^ Los Angeles by Junko Mizuno (includes variant) [SECRET SERPENTS]
* Secret Serpents exclusive
^ w/ Meat Puppets

Human Impact (Ipecac Records)

We just added a few posters for the recent Human Impact tour. Human Impact consists of Chris Spencer (Unsane), Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop), Phil Puleo (Swans & Cop Shoot Cop), and Christopher Pravdica (Swans & XiuXiu). 

We only have a couple of copies of each. Click on the links below for more information.

Human Impact (with Live Skull) - Brooklyn 2021 by Malleus
Human Impact (with Child Bite) - Cleveland 2021 by Dead Flag Studios

TWO OLD RESTOCKS - October 3rd, 2020

TWO OLD RESTOCKS - October 3rd, 2020

Justin Walsh

We've added a couple of long sold out Justin Walsh posters! These posters sold out almost immediately after release. We also have never before released variants of each. There are extremely limited quantities of each in our store now. Click on the links below for more photos and information.

NEW ADDITIONS, RESTOCKS, AND EBAY - September 14th, 2019

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