MACHINE ANIMAL - Live In Wreck 7"


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Zach got Dave drunk and before either of them knew what was happening, they were having a turn-up contest. It was like a rock and roll arms race-- extreme guitardation. Bill provided some professorial balance. He was already bearded, but his beard grew longer as songs were prepared by conventional means. Vincent finished his homework in-time, so he joined. Just no beard. Repeat-- no beard. Sideburns OK. They liked the name Animal Machine, but there was something not quite right. They all wanted to be the singer, so they made a rule that no one wasn't the singer. Dave & Zack's beards were taking form but not Vincent's-- just sideburns. Red sideburns.The songs were so fuckin' dumb. Just dumber than dirt. Dumber than that horse you fucked. Bonehead Rock. Inspired by some of the dumbest 70s hard & glam rock songs & bands, the dumb just kept getting dumber. Dumb and Loud like an animal.

Oh, how about Machine Animal, then? Zack shaved his old beard and grew a different one.
Shows. Shirts. Shit. Shinola. Nine hours in Sound House with Jack. Enough dumb material for a single Valley King, due out in October. Why not? They're just sitting around growing beards-- might as well.

Yeah, Machine Animal works way better than Animal Machine.

Machine Animal is:
Zach Van Houten (Black Beast Revival, Machine Animal) Tele, vox
Dave Crider (Mono Men, Watts, DT's, Machine Animal) SG, vox
Vincent Braimes (Sweet Invicta, Machine Animal) bass guitar, vox
Bill Anker (Whiskey Wailers, Black Beast Revival, Machine Animal) drums, vox

Callous French, Bellingham, WA

Format: 7"
Tracks: 1. Live In Wreck 2. Devil Woman 
Edition: 200 on blue/white colored vinyl; 200 on clear/pink colored vinyl
Artwork: Silkscreened artwork by Alan Forbes
Other info: includes vinyl sticker based on the cover art

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