The Italian space doom trio Ufomammut (Neurot Recordings) recently made their way to the US and asked us to curate a poster series. Below
is a list of links of artists that participated on the tour!
(Please note, most posters are available directly through the artists at the links below, not Secret Serpents)

Providence, RI by Sinclair Klugarsh [Artist
Brooklyn, NY by Dave Kloc [Artist
Chicago, IL by Francisco Ramirez [Artist]
Portland, OR by Droid [Artist]
San Francisco, CA by Daryll Peirce [Artist] [Secret Serpents]
Santa Cruz, CA by JT Lucchesi [Artist] [Secret Serpents]
Los Angeles, CA by Joey Feldman [Artist]
Albuquerque, NM by Delano Garcia [Artist]
Austin, TX by Scott Buoncristiano [Artist] [Secret Serpents]
Raleigh, NC by Charles Moran [Artist]
Philadelphia, PA by Brian Mercer [Artist]

Older Ufomammut posters available through Secret Serpents:
Los Angeles 2009 by Alan Forbes [Secret Serpents]
San Francisco 2015 by Alan Forbes [Secret Serpents]
Copenhagen 2017 by Johnny Quinine [Secret Serpents]
Stockholm 2017 by Francisco Ramirez [Secret Serpents]
Prague 2017 by Ben Nylen [Secret Serpents]
Paris 2017 by FugScreens [Secret Serpents]
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