Melvins 2018 European Tour Series

The Melvins just wrapped up their European Tour!  Below is a list of links of artists that participated on the tour!

(Please note, most posters are available directly through the artists at the links below, not Secret Serpents)

Bristol, UK by Shaun Sepr - ordering info not available at this time
Paris, France by Dido Peshev [ARTIST
Brest, France by Dead Flag [ARTIST]
La Rochelle, France by JT Lucchesi [ARTIST] [SECRET SERPENTS]
Berlin, Germany by Sehfeuer [ARTIST
Oslo, Norway by FugScreens [ARTIST] [SECRET SERPENTS
Hamburg, Germany by Cris Gunderson - [ARTIST]
Koln, Germany by Cyrille Rousseau [ARTIST]
Kortrijk, Belgium by Maarten de With [ARTIST
Birmingham, UK by Charles Degeyter - poster sold out!
Manchester, UK by Nate Deas [ARTIST] [SECRET SERPENTS]
Brighton, UK by Gem Monostereo [ARTIST

Melvins posters from 2007 - 2018 available through Secret Serpents can be found HERE!
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