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Split Series 7" Box Set

Back in 2016 we started working on a split 7” series with the idea of compiling them into one box set. Well that time has finally come! 
Exclusive tracks by Big Business, Pins of Light, Honky (JD Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers / the Melvins, Bobby Landgraf from Down), Altamont (Dale Crover from the Melvins, Joey Osbourne from Acid King), The Phantom Ships (Steve Turner from Mudhoney), White Manna, Carlton Melton, Black Elk Medicine Band (Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless / Golden Void), Spiders (Sweden), and Older Sun. 
The wooden box is limited to just 75 copies, with each 7” on clear vinyl exclusive to this set. The set also includes a custom 7” turntable slipmat. 
Format: 5x 7"
Big Business ‘Send Help’ (alternate version)
Pins of Light ‘Hold On To The Sky'
Honky ‘GoTards Theme'
Altamont ‘Junkie'
The Phantom Ships ‘Beatrice'
White Manna ‘Glory Stompers'
Calrton Melton ‘Conservatory'
Black Elk Medicine Band ‘Mortal Fire'
Spiders ‘Stendec'
Older Sun ‘One Hell Of A Woman’ 
Edition: 75
Artwork: Alan Forbes
Other info: includes custom 7” slipmat; pine box 
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'Wraith' is the follow up to Cavity's 2017 LP 'After Death' (which was their first new release in 17 years). Cavity was a wrecking ball in the '90s. Though not an originator of sludge metal, the band pioneered an approach to the Black Sabbath-inspired, down-tuned, droning excesses of the genre with magnificent aplomb and gusto. The group left in its wake a wretched pile of carcasses beaten and abused by a creative use of feedback, gut-wrenching bass lines, tribal/ritualistic drumming, fuzzed guitars, and primal screams that would haunt children’s nightmares. Cavity was a cult unto itself.

There are three versions of this release available:

black vinyl (edition of 300)
neon green vinyl (edition of 50) 
deluxe splatter vinyl set (edition of 50): includes Wraith on splatter vinyl, turntable slip mat with the cover art, and silkscreened slipcover designed by Dan Gorostiaga of Cavity

All versions include download card. 

Format: 12" LP plus download card
A: 1. Blood Lexicon  2. Softer Tombs
B: 1. Into Wolf  2. The Possessed
Editions: black vinyl: 300; neon green: 50; deluxe splatter vinyl set: 50
Artwork: Alan Forbes

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"Card-carrying members of San Francisco’s Coalition for Aging Rockers, Frisco is the latest band project founded in 2017 by a local crew of punk and metal veterans. The group teams singer Bob McDonald and guitarist Andy Oglesby of sadly defunct SF post-punk outfit Hank IV with ex-Acid King/Altamont drummer Joey Osbourne and former Lost Goat guitarist Eric Peterson. Playing knotty, aggressive noise-punk topped with McDonald’s manic delivery that sometimes echoes the vocal abstractions of Johnny Lydon during early era PiL, the group recorded its forthcoming Valley King debut 'Love Songs for Phantom Limbs' at San Francisco's El Studio this past summer." - Dave Pehling, CBS San Francisco

Bob McDonald (Hank IV, Duh) - vocals
Joey Osbourne (Acid King, Altamont, Porn) - drums
Andy Oglesby (Hank IV) - guitar
Eric Peterson (Lost Goat) - guitar
Jason Ricci - bass

There are three versions of this release available:
• black vinyl (edition of 300)
• yellow vinyl (edition of 50)
• splatter vinyl (edition of 50)

Format: 12" LP plus download card
A: 1. Shot Down  2. Comptroller  3. Who's Got The Italian?  4. Amputation Song  5. Gold Cutlass
B: 1. Empty Suit  2. Total This Thing  3. Diamond Cutter  4. Splatter the Walls  5. Total Unchaos
Editions: black vinyl: 300 // yellow: 50 // splatter vinyl: 50
Artwork: Alan Forbes

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We recently started offering all 3 Altamont picture discs for a limited time sale price of $30 for the set...shipped! For those outside of the US, it's $50 shipped!


Formed in 1994, Altamont was started as a side project by Dale Crover of the Melvins, along with Joey Osbourne of Acid King and Dan Southwick.

Each set includes 'Our Darling', 'Civil War Fantasy', and 'The Monkees Uncle' - all on 12” picture disc format. Each have an edition of 500, with artwork by Alan Forbes.
Remastered by Dale Crover and Toshi Kasai

Altamont is:
Dale Crover (the Melvins) - guitar, vocals
Dan Southwick - bass, vocals
Joey Osbourne (Acid King) - drums, vocals

Our Darling:
A: 1. Saint Of All Killers 2. Short Eyes 3. Our Darling 4. Pirate Love 5. Chicken Lover 6. Dead Car 
B: 1. Swami 2. Peace Creep 3. Stripey Hole 4. Young Man Blues 5. Hell's Angel Lullaby

Civil War Fantasy:
A: 1. Civil War Fantasy 2. Ezy Rider 3. Bitch Slap 4. Whips 5. My One Sin 
B: 1. Makers Mark 2. Black Tooth Powder 3. Up River 4. Down Wind 5. Smoke

The Monkees Uncle:
A: 1. Frank Bank 2. Bathroom Creep 3. Dum Dum Fever 4. El Stupido 5. Laughing Boy 6. Pedigree 
B: 1. Monkees Uncle 2. The Bloodening 3. Easter Sunday 4. Bull Ramus 5. In A Better World

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We are offering all 4 Faith No More 2015 South American tour posters as a bundle for a limited time discounted price of $80!

Each set contains the following:

  • Bogota, Colombia by Alan Forbes
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina by Skinner
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil by John Howard (3D poster w/glasses)
  • Santiago, Chile by Vance Kelly

Each poster is signed and numbered by the artist and measures 18" x 24". 

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