REDD KROSS - 2020 QuaranTrio set


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Each set contains one each of the following:

Artist: Nate Deas
Band(s): Redd Kross
Venue: Paradiso
City: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2020
Edition: 35
Dimensions: 18" x 24"
Other info: signed and numbered by Nate Deas

Artist: Mike King
Band(s): Redd Kross
Venue: Musikens Hus
City: Gothenburg, Swedes
Year: 2020
Edition: 80
Dimensions: 15" x 25 1/2"
Other info: signed and numbered by Mike King

Artist: Steve Tenebrini
Band(s): Redd Kross
Venue: The Lexington
City: London, UK
Year: 2020
Edition: 70
Dimensions: 14" x 26"
Other info: signed and numbered by Steve Tenebrini

Note: This tour ended up being postponed - these shows did not happen