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This bundle includes the entire Valley King Records / Altamont discography (3xLP, 3x7", stickers, and embroidered patch for one low price! Please note that we are only releasing a small handful of these bundles!

Formed in 1994, Altamont was started as a side project by Dale Crover of the Melvins, along with Joey Osbourne of Acid King and Dan Southwick.

Altamont is:
Dale Crover (the Melvins) - guitar, vocals
Dan Southwick - bass, vocals
Joey Osbourne (Acid King) - drums, vocals

Each bundle contains contains: 
Our Darling LP + sticker:
A: 1. Saint Of All Killers 2. Short Eyes 3. Our Darling 4. Pirate Love 5. Chicken Lover 6. Dead Car 
B: 1. Swami 2. Peace Creep 3. Stripey Hole 4. Young Man Blues 5. Hell's Angel Lullaby

Civil War Fantasy LP + sticker:
A: 1. Civil War Fantasy 2. Ezy Rider 3. Bitch Slap 4. Whips 5. My One Sin 
B: 1. Makers Mark 2. Black Tooth Powder 3. Up River 4. Down Wind 5. Smoke

The Monkees Uncle LP + sticker:
A: 1. Frank Bank 2. Bathroom Creep 3. Dum Dum Fever 4. El Stupido 5. Laughing Boy 6. Pedigree 
B: 1. Monkees Uncle 2. The Bloodening 3. Easter Sunday 4. Bull Ramus 5. In A Better World

Mrs. Creech 7" +sticker:
A: Mrs Creech / B: Transmaniacon MC

Altamont / Honky split 7":
Altamont: Junkie / Honky: Gotards Theme Song

Altamont / The Phantom Ships split 7":
Altamont: Black Coffee (Black Flag) / The Phantom Ships: Black Hole (The Urinals)

Embroidered patch